Our Story

Embracing New Beginnings with New Moon Apparel

Welcome to the inspiring journey of New Moon Apparel, founded by Jon and Kate, holistic practitioners, business consultants, and founders of New Moon Enterprises. Our clothing line featuring our iconic moon logo represents more than just fashion; it symbolizes new beginnings, embracing purpose, and living a fulfilling life.

At New Moon Apparel, we are passionate believers in living your truth - a path we can only take through personal & spiritual development. We strive to create clothing that reflects these values, encouraging you to live life as your authentic self. Our designs are more than just clothing; they are a statement of self-expression and a reminder to follow your passions and aspirations.

The "New Moon" house of brands, under which New Moon Apparel thrives, embodies the essence of fresh starts and setting new goals. We understand that life is a journey of growth and transformation, and our clothing reflects this philosophy. Each piece is carefully crafted to inspire and empower you on your personal path of self-discovery.

Let our clothing be a reminder to live a purposeful life, chase your dreams, and shine brightly like the moon.